Information for Researchers

SOAP has established a system for those who wish to send research request to SOAP members by email with the intent that 1) SOAP members are not bombarded with unsolicited material, and 2) the research our members are asked to participate in is properly vetted. Access to members for this purpose is only available to SOAP members.

Process for Requesting a Survey of SOAP Members

  1. To submit a request, please submit a proposal and survey questions (either by uploading a list or providing a link) via our online Survey Request Form. You must be logged in as a SOAP member to access the form.
  2. Requests are routed to the SOAP Research Committee for review. The committee requires IRB approval for this kind of research, but investigators may prefer to submit to SOAP first so committee suggestions can be incorporated into the IRB submission. The requestor can proceed with both processes in parallel.
  3. Once Research Committee and IRB approval are achieved, the requestor should send the survey, email text, logos/brand elements, and other relevant material to the staff. The actual email may take up to three weeks following approval.
  4. A $250 fee applies per survey, payable upon approval of the Research Committee. This fee includes up to two follow-up email reminders, from two to six weeks apart (at the discretion of requestor).

SOAP member contact information will not be shared directly with the researcher. The use of SOAP to distribute information about your survey does not imply endorsement and the wording of your materials should not indicate SOAP endorsement.

Complete the Survey Request Form (Members Only)