Thank You - Research Committee & Abstract Reviewers

SOAP is grateful to the Research Committee, chaired by Dr. Phil Hess, for their leadership and to the Abstract Review Task Force, chaired by Dr. Ruthi Landau, who reviewed hundreds of abstracts to help in curating an outstanding educational program for the 54th Annual Meeting.

Research Committee

Philip E. Hess, MD, Chair
Cynthia A. Wong, MD, Vice Chair
David Arnolds, MD
Jake Beilin, MD
Anthony Chau, MD
Grace Lim, MD, MS
Carolyn Weiniger, MD

Abstract Reviewers

Ruthi Landau, MD, Chair
David Arnolds, MD
Jake Beilin, MD
Shobana Bharadwaj, MD
Anthony Chau, MD
Holly Ende, MD
Kristen Fardelmann, MD
Michael Froelich, MD
Ronald B. George, MD, FRCPC
Liliana Goelkel-Garcia, MD
Ashraf Habib, MBBCh, MHSc, FRCA
Ling-Qun Hu, MD
Unyime Ituk, MD
Bedru Jemal, MD
Vesela Kovacheva, MD
Fatoumata Kromah, MD
Elizabeth Lange, MD
Amy Lee, MD
Lisa Leffert, MD
Grace Lim, MD, MS
John Markley, MD
Jessian Munoz, MD
Olutoyosi Ogunkua, MD
Arvind Palanisamy, MD
Greg Palleschi, MD
Feyce Peralta, MD
Erik Romanelli, MD
Scott Segal, MD
Yunus Shah, MD
Emily Sharpe, MD
Shashank Shettar, MD
Pervez Sultan, MD
Caitlin Sutton, MD
Brandon Togioka, MD
Paloma Toledo, MD, MPH
Aliki Tympa-Grigoriadou, MD
Rana Umair, MD
Carolyn Weiniger, MD
Adam Wendling, MD
Richard Wissler, MD
Cynthia A. Wong, MD
Mary Yurashevich, MD