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What is the SOAP Research Network?

The SOAP Research Network is an inclusive network of experts interested in peripartum anesthesia research, open to all SOAP members. This is a new initiative of the SOAP Research Committee, working through the Research Network Subcommittee. Our aim is to advance the science and practice of obstetric anesthesia through the development, design and implementation of the highest quality clinical research and its translation into improved health practices, products and outcomes.

What does the SOAP Research Network do?

The focus of the SOAP Research Network is the development and execution of investigator-initiated research. The aim is to investigate clinically relevant questions in obstetric anesthesia and peripartum medicine, successfully acquire peer-reviewed funding support for multi-center randomized clinical trials, and to implement and publish the results in high-level peer-reviewed journals.

Twice a year, the Research Network Subcommittee will host a SOAP Research Network Symposium, providing the opportunity for researchers to receive guidance and feedback from experts in the Research Network. Mark your calendar for May 7, 2023, the tentative date of the next Research Network Symposium.

Another initiative is the SOAP Registry for General Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery.

Who Can Join the Research Network?

The SOAP Research Network is composed of individuals who cooperatively develop research programs, including research protocols, under the mentoring and constructive advice of the network membership. The network is open to all SOAP members.

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The SOAP Research Network is a product of the Research Network Subcommittee, which aligns with the SOAP Research Committee. The Research Network Subcommittee provides leadership and direction to the network of researchers. Please direct inquiries for the subcommittee to [email protected].