SOAP committees are small, strategic bodies that serve the critical purpose of guiding and delivering programs, initiatives and work products. With the support of subcommittees and task forces, these committees work in alignment with SOAP’s mission, vision, and core values and in support of our strategic pillars.
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May Pian-Smith, MD - Chair
Heather C. Nixon, MD - Vice Chair
Richard Month, MD
Mahesh Vaidyanathan, MD, MBA
Klaus Kjaer, MD, MBA 

The Executive Committee acts with the authority of the Board of Directors for urgent or sensitive matters. Responsibilities include determining the agenda for Board meetings, tracking the progress of committees, and reviewing the annual independent audit.

Rebecca D. Minehart, MD, M.Ed. - Chair
Amy Lee, MD - Vice Chair
Tiffany Angelo, DO
Thomas T. Klumpner, MD
Andi Traynor, MD
Brandon Togioka, MD
Pervez Sultan, MD

The Annual Meeting & Live Events Committee oversees live in-person events and virtual programming. The committee evaluates and recommends virtual platforms, proposes scientific and social programs, evaluates in-person meeting venues, and defines opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors.

Allison Lee, MD - Chair
James Damron, MD 
Jennifer Dominguez, MD 
Nakiyah Knibbs, MD 
Kokila Thenuwara, MD
Michelle Simon, MD 
Melanie Stanislaus, MD 
Paloma Toledo, MD 

The Diversity & Inclusivity Committee ensures that SOAP's commitment to diversity and inclusivity is met for both our members and patients.

Dan Katz, MD - Chair
Michaela K. Farber, MD, MS  - Vice Chair
Jennifer Banayan, MD
Allison Lee, MD, MS, MBBS
Grace Shih, MD
David Stahl, MD
Clemens Ortner, MD
Kokila Thenuwara, MD, MEd

The Education Committee manages asynchronous online educational content, CME offerings, program innovation (e.g., simulation, professional development), fellowship curriculum updates, resident recruitment, and patient educational materials.
Mahesh Vaidyanathan, MD, MBA - Chair
Rayna Clay, MD
May Pian-Smith, MD
Emily Stockert, MD, MBA

The Finance Committee determines the return on investment of new projects, clarifies revenue streams, reviews ongoing cash flows, proposes the annual budget, presents the annual financial report, and oversees industry relationships.

Richard Month, MD - Chair
Roneisha McLendon
Jeanette Bauchat, MD
Neil S. Kalariya, MD
Allison Lee, MD
Ted Yaghmour, MD

The Governance Committee oversees nomination, election, and orientation processes; coordinates the charters of committees, projects and special interest groups; maintains policies, procedures, and bylaws; interfaces with the management staff; and periodically assesses governance structure.
Jamie D. Murphy, MD - Chair
Ron George, MD - Vice Chair
Lisa Corbett, MD
Nicole Durko, MD
Ruth Landau, MD
Grace Lim, MD, MS
Lisa Leffert, MD
Caitlin Sutton, MD

The Intersociety Committee defines best practices in collaboration with other professional societies and initiatives related to optimizing maternal and fetal safety. The committee oversees the Centers of Excellence program; consensus statements, practice advisories, and interim recommendations; and intersociety councils.

Heather Nixon, MD - Chair
Rayna Clay, MD - Vice Chair
Carlos Delgado, MD
Kristen Fardelmann, MD
Feyce Peralta, MD
Emily Sharpe, MD
Michelle Simon, MD

The Member Value Committee defines and works to enhance membership value, promotes membership development, oversees the recruitment of new members, reports on membership feedback and trends, and recommends strategies for SOAP’s online presence.
Ashraf Habib, MD - Chair
Ron George, MD, FRCPC - Vice Chair
Anthony Chau, MD
Grace Lim, MD, MS
Arvind Palanisamy, MD
Pervez Sultan, MD
Carolyn Weiniger, MD
Cynthia Wong, MD

The Research Committee directs research related to the optimization of maternal and fetal health. Oversight includes output of the research network, grants, mentoring and review of research abstracts and case studies for the Annual Meeting.