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SOAP is pleased to partner with OpenAnesthesia to present a monthly webinar series aimed at fellows and others with an interest in obstetric anesthesia topics. Webinars are free and recorded for later reference.

Webinars 2022

Webinars are held on the second Wednesday of the month. You can view past webinars on the OpenAnesthesia site. To learn more about upcoming webinars, see the list below and visit our calendar of events.

January Why should you do an obstetric Anesthesia Fellowship?
Agnes Lamon, MD - Penn Medicine Princeton Health; Jaime Daly, MD - University of Coloardo School of Medicine

Cannaboids in Pregnancy: Physiologic Effects and Potential Anesthetic Interactions
Mark Zakowski, MD, FASA - Cedars Sinai Medical Center
March Congenital and Acquired Cardiac Pathologies in Pregnancy
Jen Banayan, MD - Northwestern
April OB Critical Care
Cesar Padilla, MD - Stanford
May Birth Trauma (Follow up)
Tracey Vogel, MD - Alleghany Health Network

Ryan Militano, MD - Winchester Anesthesia Associates
July Inherited and Acquired Coagulopathy
Seth Rogerson, MD - Utah
August OB Anesthesia Basics 
Dan Dryzymalski, MD - Tufts
September Simulation in OB Anesthesia
Brad Bavaro, MD - Northwestern


Trauma in Pregnancy for the Non Obstetric Provider 
Jonathan Hirshberg, MD - Univ. of Chicago


Postoperative Postpartum Tubal Ligation
Andi Traynor, MD - Stanford


Maternal Breakthrough Pain
Jackie Galvan, MD, UTSW

January 2023

Fellow Q&A
Agnes Lamon, MD (Penn Medicine Princeton Health)
Jamie Daly, MD (University of Colorado Anschutz)

February 2023

Communication and Handoffs on Labor and Delivery: A Culture of Safety
Andye Girnius, MD - Cincinnati

March 2023

Journal Club: Postcesarean Analgesia With Epidural Morphine After Epidural 2-Chloroprocaine: A Randomized Noninferiority Trial
Linden Lee, MD - University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

April 2023

The Missing Chapter in Obstetric Anesthesiology: Anesthesia for Complex Family Planning
Peter Mancini, MD - Yale School of Medicine

May 2023

Failed Epidural vs Intrathecal Catheters
Ioannis (Yanni) Angelidis MD, MSPH - NYU Langone Medical Center 

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