Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is SOAP's highest honor. It is awarded by the Board of Directors to recognize the outstanding achievements and service of a long-standing member. Recipients have made numerous contributions to the society, provided exceptional service to the specialty of obstetric anesthesia, and are exemplary ambassadors of obstetric anesthesia.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2024 Brendan Carvalho, MD
2023 Brenda Bucklin, MD
2022 Craig Palmer, M.D.
2021 Cynthia A. Wong, M.D.
2020 Not Awarded
2019 Richard M. Smiley, M.D., Ph.D.
2018 David H. Chestnut, M.D.
2017 Robert D’Angelo, M.D.
2016 Joy L. Hawkins, M.D.
2015 William Camann, M.D.
2014 Alan C. Santos, M.D., M.P.H.
2013 Alex F. Pue, M.D.
2012 Gerard M. Bassell, M.D.
2011 Joanne Douglas, M.D.
2010 Mark A. Rosen, M.D.
2009 Sanjay Datta, M.B.
2008 Samuel Hughes, M.D. – posthumous
2007 Frank James, M.D.
2006 Felicity Reynolds, M.D.
2005 Frederick Zuspan, M.D.
2004 Sheila E. Cohen, MB, ChB
2003 Brett B. Gutsche, M.D.
2002 Bradley E. Smith, M.D.
Robert F. Hustead, M.D.
James A. Evans, M.D.
James O. Elam, M.D.
Richard B. Clark, M.D.
Robert O. Bauer, M.D.
2001 Mieczyslaw Finster, M.D.
2000 Gertie F. Marx, M.D.