About the Gerard W. Ostheimer Lecture



The purpose of the Gerard W. Ostheimer Lecture is to evaluate and highlight literature contributions pertinent to the research and clinical care of the obstetric anesthesia patient published in the preceding calendar year. Formerly known as “What’s New in Obstetric Anesthesia,” in 1998 the lecture was renamed in honor of Gerard W. Ostheimer, M.D., a noted obstetric anesthesiologist and SOAP activist who passed away in 1995.

The Ostheimer Lecture provides a comprehensive review of the body of literature, including articles from the major anesthetic and obstetric journals as well as from fields of medicine, surgery, pediatrics and neonatology, basic science and public health that are of interest to obstetric anesthesiologists.

The lecturer is selected two years in advance due to the significant time investment in preparation for the lecture.

Selection Process

Members may nominate other SOAP members for consideration of the Nominating Subcommittee, which will ensure nominated individuals meet the necessary criteria and are willing to accept the nomination. Eligible nominees will be submitted for a vote of the SOAP Board of Directors.


The ideal candidate is described as follows:

  • Emerging or established expert in obstetric anesthesiology (at least 5 years post training)
  • Demonstrated track record of excellence in research and knowledge translation
  • Critical thinker with the ability to extract, analyze and synthesize information
  • Dynamic presentation skills
  • Able to commit the significant time needed for preparation and practice
  • SOAP member, with a commitment to our core values
  • Not previously given the Ostheimer Lecture

Gerard W. Ostheimer Lecturers

2023 - Pervez Sultan
2022 – Michaela Farber
2021 – Grace Lim
2020 – Ron George
2019 – Carolyn Weiniger
2018 – Ashraf Habib
2017 – Brian Bateman
2016 – Phil Hess
2015 – Katherine Arendt
2014 – Lisa Leffert
2013 – Arvind Palanisamy
2012 – Alexander Butwick
2011 – Paloma Toledo
2010 – Jill Mhyre
2009 – John Sullivan
2008 – Ruth Landau
2007 – Alison McArthur
2006 – Roshan Fernando
2005 – Brenda Bucklin
2004 – Lawrence Tsen
2003 – Audrey Alleyne
2002 – David Wlody
2001 – Scott Segal
2000 – Linda Polley
1999 – McCallum Hoyt
1998 – David Campbell