Thank You - AMLE Committee and Subcommittees

SOAP's Annual Meeting and Live Events Committee and aligned subcommittees are the driving force behind the 54th Annual Meeting. We are grateful to Dr. Heather Nixon for her leadership as AMLE Committee Chair, as well as the committee and subcommittee leaders and members who helped design the meeting. 

Annual Meeting and Live Events Committee

Heather C. Nixon, MD, Chair
Rebecca D. Minehart, MD, MEd, Vice Chair
David Gambling, MB, BS, FRCPC
Thomas T. Klumpner, MD
Amy Lee, MD
Pervez Sultan, MD
Brandon Togioka, MD

Annual Curricular Planning Subcommittee 

Rebecca Minehart, MD, MEd, Chair
Melissa Bauer, DO
Jaime Daly, MD
Carlos Delgado, MD
Daniel Katz, MD
Thomas T. Klumpner, MD
Lisa Leffert, MD
Greg Palleschi, MD
Samir Patel, MD
Katherine Seligman, MD
Emily Sharpe, MD
Shashank Shettar, MD
Pervez Sultan, MD
Ted Yaghmour, MD, FASA
Sonal Zambare, MD, BS, MB

CME Subcommittee

Robert Gaiser, MD, FASA, Chair
Kristin Brennan, MD
Regina Fragneto, MD

Inter Society Planning Subcommittee

Pervez Sultan, MD, Chair
David Monks, MBChB
Nadir Sharawi, MBBS, MS
Caitlin Sutton, MD

Locations and Logistics Subcommittee

Samir Patel, MD, Chair and Elected 2022 Meeting Host
Amy Lee, MD

Platforms and Technology Subcommittee

Tom Klumpner, MD, Chair
Grace Lim, MD, MS
Grant Lynde, MD, MBA
Rebecca Minehart, MD, MEd
Richard Month, MD, FASA

Sponsors and Industry Subcommittee

Brandon Togioka, MD, Chair
Melissa Kreso, MD, FASA
Jonathan Waters, MD
Mark Zakowski, MD, FASA